Clips and Fasteners

This blogpost lists different types of clips commonly used in the quilting department, such as binding clips, wonder clips, clover clips, bulldog clips, and hair clips.
These clips serve different purposes, including holding the binding in place evenly, attaching binding to pre-quilted projects, aiding in straight placement of the binding, providing a tight grip on thick layers of fabric, and holding smaller projects in place during hand-stitching.

I think when it comes to holding fabric in place while working on it, we all have our favorite item to use. And these might not always be sewing related items but work just as well to do the job, but lets look at a few examples.

Binding clips: These are small plastic or metal clips with a clamp-like mechanism used to hold the binding in place evenly without putting pressure on the fabric. Often called Wonder clips, like in the image above. You get these in different sizes.  The longer ones can reach deeper for wider binding, but their grip is not as tight as the smaller wonder clips.

Don't overlook the laundry department, with the array of clothes line clips available you are sure to find a much cheaper and stronger clip, I often resort to my laundry clips when working with thicker fabrics the wonder clips can't hold properly - and well, the colors is a bonus hahaha.

Another must have clip is a quilt roll clip - if you often do larger in the hoop quilts, table runners and table cloths - you need to roll up your project and keep it in place so that it has minimum weight on your embroidery arm, which can lead to misaligned stitches.  The more affordable option to look into, are these hair roller clips, they come in a variety of sizes which makes them a winner in my eyes.

Other hair combs and clips like these also comes in handy, not always strong enough, but very handy, so look around in all departments for things that can help you in your sewing room, once a problem is identified its much easier to look for alternative solutions.

In the stationary department, you can find a array of document clips that can work well in the sewing room as well.

I even found these in the Electrical department which I know I will absolutely love to hold my quilt rolls, and runners.


Pins we have discussed in a previous blog post, you can read about it HERE

But lets do a quick view at different pin cushions and magnetic holders

Magnetic wrist pin holders - oh wow talk about a game changer ! I don't like working with pins as I tend to always end up with a hole or two somewhere in a finger.  But these works SO well - I also always have a little magnetic bowl on my sewing table, where I can quickly throw my pins in and it can hold my scissors and tweezers as well.

Some might prefer fabric pin cushions and wow they are fun to make, like these available on the webpage, which are made in the hoop - I added a magnet inside and made my own magnetic bracelet for pins - CLICK HERE to view - they make such great gifts

Or how about a cute Cupcake pin cushion

 Storing these fun clips my friends, are easy, as they are small a clear container, drawer is my go to - I have these small drawers, where I have my pins sorted, wonder clips, hair clips and such.

Now for our next installment I am super excited - Bag making hardware - I LOVE making all sorts of bags and pouches, something practical holds more value to me than something that is just pretty and these makes such great gifts, but first of all I know how long it took me to learn what to use and then where to get it. So in our next blog we will discuss these items - not so much organizing as these are small items that also goes into my little drawers, but it will give you a overview what I have in my sewing studio ready at hand whenever I want to make something.

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