Let's talk Fabric storage!

Fabric, the one thing you can have many of, but just never the right pattern or colour for your project. If you live far away from your nearest fabric store like us or the stores just don't hold stock on the specific fabrics you always want, then you'll have to order them in and store them yourself.

Today, I wanted to share how we store our fabrics, we like to spoil ourselves every now and then with a few pretty fabrics. Keeping a large variety enables you to tackle almost any project you can think of. This being said, one way we like to keep them safe is to have Superwood or as it's more commonly known for MDF wood, cut from your local Laser Cutting shop or your Kitchen cabinet makers also keeps stock of this same material.

Have them cut in a shape that best fit your cupboard space. Then simply fold your fabrics around the board, secure the one end with Magic Tape(Scotch Magic Tape is what we use) and roll up the remainder of fabric around the board and once again secure with more tape. *Very Important!: Ensure the tape won't become sticky over time as this will ruin your precious fabric.

It's always a good idea to keep the temperature and moisture at a low constant level. To help control moisture you can use silica beads, the same ones used in medication containers to keep them dry. There are so many types available out there, so I've taken the time to highlight some I think would work great to help keep everything moisture free. 

They also change colour to a dark green when it's saturated! : 

https://amzn.to/3fQXI4q - (This one includes 16 organza Drawstring bags) 

Organza bags are perfect to put the beads in as it's breathable and they are cheap! -  https://amzn.to/34LJYld

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Here in the United States, MDF is a manufactured wood from both hard wood and soft wood particles compressed together with wax and urea-formaldehyde resin glue. I would be very reluctant to use it for fabric storage for fear of acid damage. There are lighter weight, sturdy, and safer types of boards such as acid free boards used for comic book storage or thin styrofoam boards used for displays that would be a better alternative in my opinion.

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