For those a little unsure on which design to choose. In our opinion we'd suggest both of course ;)

But all jokes aside now, both are great to have, as this will allow you to create matching pillows for your quilted panel. You could even create your own placemats, or table runner using the small hoops design. Below I've set out a little more detail on what you can achieve with the specified design.

SDS1747 Leafy Surprise SDS1772 Plain Fabric Leafy Panel

SDS1747, this one is made for the printed panel. It's size will be that of the printed panel (43" when complete) Although, nothing is stopping you from stitching this design on any other fabric as you can see on the image on the right here, it will look stunning and is sure to take away any one's breath as they pass it hanging on your wall or spread out on your bed as a duvet cover. But the main thing to keep in mind here is that the final size will be 43" when complete.

As each leaf is it's own individual design, you have the freedom of changing colours as you see fit. Make each alternating leaf a slightly darker/lighter colour for a stunning spiral effect! Wonder what dit set would look like in glow in the dark thread? Perhaps there's someone brave enough to give it a try? I'd block mount and frame it behind glass to keep the dust away and preserve it's beauty.

SDS1772, now this one has the most sizes of the two. It's compatible with hoops as small as 5x7 up to a whopping 16" frame!
What makes this set so great is the 14" and 16" COMPLETE blocks included! These are great as you don't have to align each leaf, simply load the complete block onto your machine and press start(Don't forget to hoop fabric too ;)

Here's a short list of the complete sizes on the smaller hoop sizes included.

  • 5x7( The complete size of the stitchout will be 26.54", contains individual leaf designs. )
  • 6x8( The complete size of the stitchout will be 29.24", contains individual leaf designs. )
  • 7x10( The complete size of the stitchout will be 38.70", contains individual leaf designs. )