Welcome to the FAQ page where you can quickly get answers on the most common questions. Please have a read though.

Your Account/Orders

Ensure you're signed in first.

Log in HERE

You'll then be redirected to your account listing all the orders from March 2021.

Simply click on the order number you wish to download, then click the set you want to download.
From here, simply pick from the available files and click "Download Now"

For a guide with screenshots, click here.

Resetting your password with only 3 steps.

1) Request a reset email.
2) Click on the link sent via email.
3) Type your new password and confirm ;)

Click here for a illustrative Guide.

We can do you one better, all orders are available instantly after payment. There's no waiting for your ordered to be delivered. Simply log into your account and download.

Accounts allows you to download anytime you wish and gives us the opportunity to keep the files up to date should any changes be necessary.

Your store credit balance can be seen by clicking on your cart or my clicking on My Orders and it will be show on the left pane below My downloads.

Store credit can also be bought to be added to your Stitch Wallet. This credit will not expire and can be used on items on sale. :)

NOTE: Store credit cannot be used on Bundled items at this time.

Click here for screenshots.

Product Questions

You don't have to, you'll have access to all available formats for that set.

For Embroidery Machines we include 9 Popular formats with ALL our embroidery designs. These formats include: ART,DST,EXP,HUS,JEF,PES,VIP,VP3 and XXX

For all Long Arm Machines, we include the following formats:

Log into your account HERE, then click on the order you'd like to download. Next, click on the product you'd like to download. All the available formats for that set will be listed on this page.

There's one more way you can download. Let's say you have a large collection of designs from over the years, then you'd want to login to your account, click on My Downloads, then you will see a search bar on the right hand side just above all the download buttons. Simply type your product name or code in here to quickly locate the set for download :)

Looking for a specific format? Email us and we'll see what we can do to help ;)


Short Answer, yes.
However, do so with caution. We do not recommend resizing designs more than 10% as this will result in the design to become unstable.

Chances are that the design is too large for your machine, please pick from the split files in the zip if included with your set.

Some older models require the design to be rotated before being loaded. Let us know if this is the case and we'd be happy to rotate for you. Contact@stitchdelight.net

The $1 Collectors Font

We believe in rewarding our loyal customers for their loyalty. Thus we offer a WHOLE font for only $1.00! Sounds too good to be true right? But rest assured, yes you can collect the ENTIRE font for only $1.00.

Here's how it works.

There will be two versions of the font available.

1) Collectors Version
2) Complete Version

The Complete Version includes the complete font as well as the matching font at a special price.

Choose the Collectors Version for $1.00.

Every day we release the next consecutive letter of the alphabet. So you will be collecting the font 1 letter a day.

On the last day(Day we load "Z") the font will go up to it's full price of $26. You will not be charged an additional fee.

At the end you will have all 26 letters under one single order.

Your last chance to opt in to collect the font is at letter "Y"

The collectors font will change to full price when it's no long available for $1.00

If you purchase the $1 font while we're in the middle or near the end of the font, you will still receive the letters before that.

Simply put, if you paid $1.00 then you will get the entire font, you'll be collecting the font one letter a day.

The entire font will be listed under the original order placed for the font.

Need a guide on how to download? Click Here

Payment Methods

currently have two ways you can pay using your credit/debit card.

PayPal(Yes you
can pay with your card via PayPal WITHOUT a PayPal account) and PayGate.


With PayPal,
it’s straight forward, head over to page 3 for screenshots.

You DO NOT need a PayPal account in
order to use this method.


With PayGate you
need to ensure you can receive an OTP (OTP stands for ONE-TIME-PIN) You’ll
receive a 6 digit code via SMS to your phone(The
number registered with your bank) This code then needs
to be entered on the website where you’re making payment. It’s simply an extra security measure
that ensures that this is a legitimate transaction made by You(the card holder)

For instructions with screenshots, please CLICK HERE

*** Competition Rules ***

The winning photo must meet all the following requirements:

*Must be at least 1500x1500px in resolution
(Most modern cameras capture larger than this any way, but best to double

*Photo should be well lit and in

*Only use the designs available in
the design set.

*Props like flowers and other
objects can be used in moderation. The stitched design should be the focus of
the photo and not the props.

*The stitched design and props
should cover at least 85% of the image captured.

Here's a few tips on how to make your image stand out from the rest.

*Use the rule of thirds to help frame your object beter. The rule of thirds refers to the placement of your object within your frame. Click for an example

*Set your main light source at a 45 degree angle to prevent glare and over exposed areas. Jim's Photos perfectly explains this here.

*Feel free to add a little something extra to your scene, by this we mean Props. Props are items we use to enhance and 'warm up' the scene a bit more. These items can include flowers(like we love to use), trestles(Mainly any stand or unique piece to help position the item in such a way that is pleasing to the eye and helps the item stand out better. It's all about perspective and the angle you love best.

*We can't emphasize this enough, lighting, lighting and lighting! Very important, have enough light on the subject to avoid grain in your photos. You will get this on most older cameras (pre 2010) If there's not enough light in the scene then the camera wants to compensate for this by bumping it's ISO so high that it creates a ton of grain making your image look blurry. Google ISO Photography if you'd like to know more about this setting.