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Showing 1 - 24 of 244 products
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Hoffman Dream Big design for Printed PanelHoffman Dream Big design for Printed Panel
Hoffman Dream Big design for Printed Panel
Sale price$50.00 Regular price$125.00
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SDS1264 Bugsy Bunny and QuiltingSDS1264 Bugsy Bunny and Quilting
SDS1369 Fun in the SnowSDS1369 Fun in the Snow
SDS1369 Fun in the Snow
Sale price$40.00
SDS1248 Raffi the Giraffe 2SDS1248 Raffi the Giraffe 2
SDS1248 Raffi the Giraffe 2
Sale price$18.00
SDS1275 Finley Foxy 1SDS1275 Finley Foxy 1
SDS1275 Finley Foxy 1
Sale price$18.00
SDS1184 Ocean Critters QuiltblocksSDS1184 Ocean Critters Quiltblocks
SDS1238 Patchwork Quiltblocks ITH 12SDS1238 Patchwork Quiltblocks ITH 12
SDS1203 Patchwork ITH 4SDS1203 Patchwork ITH 4
SDS1203 Patchwork ITH 4
Sale price$18.00
Save $8.01
SDS1247 Raffi the Giraffe 1SDS1247 Raffi the Giraffe 1
SDS1247 Raffi the Giraffe 1
Sale price$9.99 Regular price$18.00
SDS1276 Finley Foxy 2SDS1276 Finley Foxy 2
SDS1276 Finley Foxy 2
Sale price$18.00
SD0806 Spring QuiltblocksSD0806 Spring Quiltblocks
SD0806 Spring Quiltblocks
Sale price$18.00
Save $9.01
SD0601 Heirloom Quiltblocks 2SD0601 Heirloom Quiltblocks 2
SD0601 Heirloom Quiltblocks 2
Sale price$6.99 Regular price$16.00
SDS1226 Patchwork ITH 5SDS1226 Patchwork ITH 5
SDS1226 Patchwork ITH 5
Sale price$18.00
SDS1201 Patchwork ITH 3SDS1201 Patchwork ITH 3
SDS1201 Patchwork ITH 3
Sale price$18.00
Save $9.01
SD0608 Heirloom Quiltblocks 4SD0608 Heirloom Quiltblocks 4
SD0608 Heirloom Quiltblocks 4
Sale price$6.99 Regular price$16.00
Save $9.01
SD0604 Heirloom Quiltblocks 3SD0604 Heirloom Quiltblocks 3
SD0604 Heirloom Quiltblocks 3
Sale price$6.99 Regular price$16.00
SDS1263 Little Owls in QuiltingSDS1263 Little Owls in Quilting
SD0599 Heirloom QuiltblocksSD0599 Heirloom Quiltblocks
SD0599 Heirloom Quiltblocks
Sale price$16.00
SDS1327 Christmas QuiltSDS1327 Christmas Quilt
SDS1327 Christmas Quilt
Sale price$18.00
SD0619 Heirloom Quiltblocks 6SD0619 Heirloom Quiltblocks 6
SDS1230 Patchwork Quiltblocks ITH 7SDS1230 Patchwork Quiltblocks ITH 7
SDS1229 Patchwork ITH 6SDS1229 Patchwork ITH 6
SDS1229 Patchwork ITH 6
Sale price$18.00
SDS1196 Patchwork Star ITH 1SDS1196 Patchwork Star ITH 1
SDS1196 Patchwork Star ITH 1
Sale price$18.00
SDS1182 Feather Quilt Set 5SDS1182 Feather Quilt Set 5
SDS1182 Feather Quilt Set 5
Sale price$40.00

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